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Where do I sign up?

Friday, January 20, 2006
So it appears that there's a movement to legislatively introduce biofuels into the Oregon fuel market. Where do I sign up? One problem I have with our country's foreign policy is the fact that we're crippled by our dependence on foreign oil. Additionally, oil is a "non-renewable" resource, our need for which will (in all probability) outstrip supply at some point in the future.

I ran across an excellent article out on the web that describes some of the pros and cons of biofuels (the comparison of "growing sustainable fuel and growing food sustainably".

On NPR they pointed out that the oil industry is against this and say something to the effect of "if this new fuel is so great it should be able to stand on its own in the market without being propped up by the government." First off, OF COURSE the oil industry (which can do whatever it wants) opposes this. This takes profits away from them. But in a realistic economy where a large entity has the power and resources to stunt or kill the growth of a new competitor, it may take governmental support to help this product take off.


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